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ELP associates

ELP comprises a team of highly experienced corporate facilitators, each with their own speciality in the world of Business including leadership, sales and resilience.

The team members have worked together on various projects since 2003 to help clients all over the world to achieve their business goals.

The synergies in design, delivery, trust and friendship are highly regarded as the winning formula to achieving our clients’ goals.

As a multinational group we are able to deliver training in most European languages. We can also count on associates in the Middle East and Africa to assist when needed.

Our ‘resultants’ are subject matter experts who keep up to date on best practices in their respective fields, as well as in the area of training and development. These skilled professionals provide relevant content specifically selected to achieve immediate results needed to improve busines

Andy Ryder

Andy founded ELP in 2003 after working with 'outdoor training' at 'Yeti Club' in Spain. His previous experience as country manager of PROIN España (Cisco training), Co-founder of Merten PLC (Austria), Rolls Royce Quality engineer (UK) and Naval Officer under training all taught him that in fact "PEOPLE ARE OUR GREATEST ASSETS." As an ELP UK 'Resultant,' he is dedicated to facilitating quality and realistic development which empowers people to improve results, while maintaining mental and physical health. Andy is an NLP master practitioner with a BA Hons. degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. After his tactical role of 12 years facilitating the IBM Global Sales School around the world, he engaged in the more business focused position of supporting account planning with real clients and sales teams. This consulting experience now helps him to assist clients in solving more strategic corporate objectives, by working together with their clients.

Katharina Kaul

Katharina has over 20 year’s of experience in different business roles, including head of marketing & sales in the medical device industry, strategy consulting and network partner of behavioural development and change institutes. In all of her roles Katharina has worked with people at all levels in organisation from the shop floor to the boardroom in international and multi cultural settings. In addition to her solid marketing and sales background, Katharina brings a lot of energy, empathy, thorough training and coaching expertise to all of the projects she does. She is keen on moving the thinking of participants in order to shape their future with all the various methods she is able to adapt to the participants’ needs. Guiding through change, thinking and acting with a positive attitude, in an appreciative atmosphere and being flexible is what people like about her.


Andi Roberts

Andi is a Professionally Certified Coach and Facilitator with a MBA and MSc in Systems Thinking in Practice. He has partnered with ELP in the domains of leadership, team development, innovation and business transformation for the past 13 years. In that time AndI & AndY have developed some powerful change programmes across the whole of Europe and they have delivered training together in both English and Spanish. Andi brings over 20 years experience in a range of businesses from SME ownership through to corporate management. Key influences on his work are systems thinking, experiential learning and positive psychology. In his spare time he lectures at the Open University Business School in Marketing and Finance and he is currently finalising a MA in 'On-line and distance education.

Daniela Gardini

Daniela is an engaging trainer with an interactive, out-of-the-box approach to face-to-face and online learning. A Masters degree in Digital Education/E-learning and 15 years of experience give her a solid insight to the theoretical and practical framework for effective off- and online facilitation and learning. Her main areas of expertise are global sales and negotiation, leadership, coaching, Conflict and Change Management. She trains and coaches in English, German and Italian in a number of industries – from technical to IT, from food to fashion, B2B and B2C. The media she uses range from presence-based experiential approaches across to virtual workshops, digital instruction via various online tools and platforms.


Mohammad aldwaidi

Mohammad is an accomplished, Training Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, and Change Agent. He has more than fifteen years of experience working with local, regional and multinational organisations. During this time, he has designed and delivered hundreds of training courses to thousands of employees from diverse industries and backgrounds. Ali has also been instrument in delivering ELP training to the Alshaya Sales Academy in the Middle East. His delivery style is perfectly suited to working with GCC clients, as his experience of culture in business and in society is a great resource which adds to participant engagement. He also delivers training in Arabic.


Tianne Croshaw

Tianne has worked for over 20 years coaching and training individuals and organisations to help participants get a much clearer understanding of human nature and how to leverage our inate skills in the workplace. She has worked with companies such as Virgin trains, the BBC, Her Majesty's Prison Service, Ted Baker, Severnside Housing Association to name a few. Tiannes's purpose and passion lie in sharing simple and yet powerful tools and enablement techniques for managers, leaders and partners. The training and coaching she offers has had phenomenal results due to the fact that she focuses on the individuals self-understanding which in turn leads to a clearer understanding of interaction with others. Her highly effective psychological tools help to create greater mental and emotional resilience. A powerful insight to Tianne's leadership consulting and change management programme is given in her contribution to "Organisational Change Explained" (ISBN:978-0-7494-7547-5).

Sue Bohane

Sue is an experienced Training Programme Designer, Trainer and Coach. She is specialised in customer experience, transformation, communications, customer service and sales skills. She has significant experience in designing and delivering programmes across organisations with a wide cultural spread and at all levels, including senior executives. Over the past 10-years Sue has worked with several Fortune 500 companies as an executive coach on performance issues at senior executive level. Sue is able to rapidly understand the client's requirements, make decisions and expedite action whilst building and maintaining strong working relationships at all levels or the organisation.


Chris Schoenstroem

Christian is passionate about helping people develop beyond what they thought possible. He focuses on sales strategy, sales training and communication, using research-based methods to achieve results. Christian combines his experience of working with knowledge-intensive companies as IBM, KPMG, BWSC with his position as External Lecturer at Copenhagen Business School to give him a solid understanding of the best research being done in the field as well as the practical experience needed to make your sales strategy yield new results. He will assist you in defining your Ideal customer profile and streamline your sales process, by researching and understanding your customers’ Decision Making Processes, so that you can dynamically adapt to your customers’ buying processes by aligning your strategy, marketing and sales efforts.


Debi Garrod

Debi is an established Organisational and Occupational Psychologist, facilitator, executive coach and trainer, with over twenty years experience of working with business leaders and their teams. She helps our clients to develop critical qualities, skills and behaviours for measurable success and effective business results and personal goals. Debi focuses on enabling a customer focused mindset, alignment, empowerment and collaboration to unleash and enhance human and organisational flourishing. Her philosophy is based on the premise that 'to engage others we need to be engaged ourselves.' Debi is currently working in Europe, the Middle East and Australia with a wide spectrum of clients both commercial and governmental, including Virgin Trains and the Abu Dhabi Government. Debi is certified to use the MRI assessment and My360 Strengths inventory.



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