What is a Resultant™?
What is a Resultant™?


Being a Resultant™ is more than a job title; It is our purpose.’

The organisational consulting, experiential training and the all-important ‘post-training accompaniment’ are the tools of our trade as Resultants™.

So what is a Resultant? It is not only about advising – In fact we prefer client to DISCOVER rather than to be advised. A resultant is someone who has already worked in a field of business themselves and knows the challenges of achieving behaviour change which will lead to new results. A passionate interest in human psychology and en empathy for the human struggle to create new habits we take a practical and realistic approach to inspiring people to try out and embed new habits into their lives.    

A Resultant’s primary focus is to help our clients achieve their desired results. We do this by inspiring the people we work with to put their knowledge into practice.

Ever since leaving our jobs in business and entering the world of corporate training and development, we have been dedicated to achieving a high Return On Investment (ROI) for our clients.

We believe that the best way to do this is to be realistic, to know what they expect from their investments and then to be bold (and honest) enough to explain that, “There are no guarantees that training alone can change results.”

Another truth we share is that when full management support is given to coaching and follow-up interventions, we do get far closer to that guarantee.

Management buy-in is crucial.

That is why we – as Resultants – work at a deeper level, to assess whether the culture within the organisation can support the training interventions and therefore deliver ROI. If employees receive training and are fired up to go back to their role and implement what they have learned, but find their manager has little or no idea about what they have been taught, the likelihood of slipping back into old ways of doing things is incredibly high. The training is deemed to be unsuccessful, and the initiative ends there.

‘Post-training accompaniment’

This is another essential piece in the puzzle of Putting Learning into Real Practice. By focussing on Habits Resultants are able to support clients to get the results they seek by using their unique habit-forming strategy. 

A consultant advises; a trainer delivers training; a facilitator guides learning.

A Resultant™ designs, plans and delivers every intervention with the practicable aim of achieving results from new behaviour. By leveraging the knowledge and practice of neurolinguistics and behaviour change in the form of Tiny Habits®, we inspire and build the confidence to transform results.

The picture looks vastly different when everyone in the organisation is working towards a common goal.

  • We recognise the need for management accountability regarding coaching and linkage to ROI from training;
  • Training ‘events’ forced upon participants, without any agreed benefits, only fail.

By chunking down from the over-arching goals of business KPIs, a resultant can focus on helping learners improve tactical skills, which are tangibly linked to business life. And which ultimately lead to achieving the bigger picture of the corporate purpose. By drawing on our own experience, we facilitate the development of talent within organisations.

what resultants do

Every manager and employee knows that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” (Peter Drucker)

Measure what?

Only measuring the sales figures post training delivery is not accurate enough. There are so many other factors that can affect these vital numbers, thereby making the direct link to sales training far too simplistic. Has the market crashed or is it booming? Are competitors dumping prices? What about oil prices and the threat of war? The list is endless.

Instead of looking at business results, why not measure sales behaviours? Sales activities are the only thing that can be directed and managed, thus making them a matter of accountability.

Is it the manager’s job or HR’s job?

Before the training begins, a Resultant sits down with the sales and business managers who are ultimately accountable for the organisation’s results.

We ask them, “to get the business results you need, which sales objectives do you need to achieve?” They typically have a list of KPIs, such as, “increase market share by X%” or “retain Z new accounts per seller.”

We then ask, “To meet these sales objectives, in which sales behaviours do sales professionals need to engage?” The list might contain, “accurately qualify prospects, and be able to read a customer’s annual report or increase customer facing time by X%.”

It is these behaviours that become the KPIs for the training.

And in partnership with the HR team, we are then able to formulate a plan of action, which enhances and ensures quality coaching and feedback as part of the development process.



Results speak for themselves

“The ELP team designed and facilitated training for 450 employees and managers training. These interventions were directly responsible for taking MIA from #39 in the world to #1 in Europe and #5 in the world for customer service.
(Peter Bolech CEO, Malta International Airport) 

“The event gave us an opportunity to start interacting across all parts of IBM and discuss how we can take the cross-brand solutions to market as a team”

“It clearly helped us to map our goals onto roadmaps to achieving them. It was great to see the contribution expected from the various regions. I also enjoyed the networking was very positive as we got to discuss how similar problems are tackled in different countries and Business units”.

“Great camaraderie and positive energy from the whole team. Excellent open conversations!” 
(IBM participant)

With shorter hair and better fitting suits we continue to build bridges and respect between professionals of different specialisations.

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