Social Responsability

'We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.'

Winston Churchill


ELP Ltd is not only about corporations. We believe in helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves to achieve their desired results through education. And so in 2006, Andy Ryder helped Capt. Duncan Cradden to set up a school for desperately poor, intelligent children. He, Sue Bohane and Daniela Gardini have continued this work as part of the SHAMROCK EDUCATION TRUST, a UK charity supporting these children and teachers to achieve their goals in life.

Please check out our link to find out more about the volunteer work we do in one of the world’s poorest countries.

Teacher training

Bikendra Gurung was a pupil at Shamrock. He was trained to become a teacher and is now an undergraduate at Melbourne polytechnic in Australia.  

Kritika Sharma was a Shamrock pupil and then a teacher. She was our first to graduate from university with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 

Fiona Busbridge (retired) teacher from Cheltenham College is one of our volunteer teacher trainers. If you would also like to volunteer please get in touch. 

Andy Ryder has been involved with teacher training based on experiential and student centred learning since 2006. (photo = A 3rd century BC lesson from Archimedes)


Maëlle André and her mum Nanou at We Art One are a huge inspiration at Shamrock School. They allow children the chance to express their innate artistic skills.

Shamrock pupils promote SCHOOL RUGBY at Kaski Rugby association festival 2017. Shamrock founder Duncan Cradden would be proud of us supporting his legacy.

We miss our volunteer science teachers and experiments – Hopefully future funds and resources will allow us to reinstate the physics and chemistry labs.

Fresh new classrooms and increased pupil numbers continue to achieve 100% results (with distinction) at School Leaving Certificate (SLC)

Social Awareness & Action

Shamrock children are well aware that although they come from (financially) poor families, there are always those worse off. In this video our pupils distribute food to people who live on the streets of Nepal. 

After the devastating earthquake in April 2015 Shamrock Pupils formed the Shamrock Support Team (SST) who carried blankets and other supplies on foot into the hills of the worst hit areas. 

Teachers from schools in the hills travel for days to attend the complimentary Shamrock Teacher training service – it’s our chance to help those left in the villages to experience fresh ideas in teaching.

Our Social Studies teacher (and freelance journalist) Mr Suraj Hazare Dahal takes his students on ecological field trips. Children fully appreciate the rich cultural heritage which exist in the beautiful county.

Proud moments

Nauraj Gurung is the first ex-shamrock pupil to pass out as a Gurkha Soldier of the British Army (Catterick, UK, October 2016) 

Kritika Sharma is the first ex-shamrock pupil to graduate from a university (Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 

Sujit Tripathi is our first Chartered Account. He graduated from the Institute of Chartered Accountancy of India in July 2017. 

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For many more testimonials from pupils and volunteers of Shamrock School, Nepal, please click here 

Shamrock education trust - UK Charity # 1,158,847

After volunteering with refurbishment, teacher training and generally spending time with the children and teachers at the school, we have pledged to help as best we can in the future – Experience UK associates and friends are following up on our pledges by raising funds and organising opportunities for volunteers to offer their skills at the school. 

Sue Bohane on cleaning duty

New bedding for the girls dorms

Andy Ryder painting the walls

Our new library

Volunteer, Michael Newton, Shamrock School Manager, has transformed the school to the successful and well organised school that it is today.

Jan and Todd replace old and damaged water pipes. Materials kindly donated by Travis Perkins 

Boys new stylish ‘tartan’ bedding

Experience UK finances the Shamrock School building refurbishment and proposes a business plan to Shamrock Education Trust to move in 2017