Putting Learning into Practice

"Turning Training into Habits" is what makes us different.

What moves an organisaton is people's behaviour.

“Experience – Learn – Perform”

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'Why' a realistic approach to learning and results?'

The greatest desire people have is the desire to improve.
To improve our lives, our happiness our personal performance, our professional performance. 

The energy and passion we share at our training is rewarded by participants putting the skills, techniques and models into practice. We are all human and we all have a long list of rationalisations, justifications and excuses why we do not change the way we do things. 
We also know that: 
‘If you always do what you always did, you will always get (less of) what you always got’
At ELP, we help Sales Professionals, Managers and Leaders get more from themselves and from their teams 
we help them IMPROVE by integrating  a methodology called ‘Tiny Habits’ to leverage ‘behaviour design’ during our training and coaching.

‘An organisation’s ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage’ ( Jack Welch )

We help companies and individuals identify and acknowledge performance gaps related to Mindset, Motivation, Knowledge or Skill. We then strive to BRIDGE ALL FOUR GAPS through engaging training and follow up coaching, to help them put learning into practice.

Well-designed training, delivered by experts who are mindful of: 

  • the expected impact on business results
  • the people and the behaviours which influence those results
  • the follow up of how and when learning is used in the real world


We fully appreciate that people lead busy lives and that learning new skills is not always a top priority. We also know that some participants attend training simply because they are told attend, without truly knowing how they will benefit. This is why we meet participants before doing the training design; We listen carefully to their needs and challenges in an informal setting.  We facilitate an optimal state for wanting to learn and we arrange with them to align the experiences and follow up coaching to meet both their and their organisation’s needs.

ELP Experience

Our facilitators have all had
successful careers outside of training and development. Our own experience of having worked in sales and leadership roles in many countries around the world helps us to empathise and truly understand the challenges our clients face.

ELP Approach

Our approach is Experiential. We make training 'real' by engaging participants in physical and mental activities, business case studies, discussions, individual and group work. Our training also takes into consideration both the learners’ social and learning styles.

Bespoke Development

All of our solutions are designed and delivered to your exact requirements. Based on your wishes and acknowledged performance gaps, we design interventions around the outcomes, behaviours and the skills that you would like your colleagues to develop.

Embedded Learning

Learning is embedded during our training through planned 'experience.' We follow up development sessions with your HR professionals a by adding videos, PowerPoint slides and quizzes to your Eloomi learning management platform (LMS). This system maintains learning effectiveness and knowledge retention.

On Going Support

Attending a workshop is just the beginning. It is the actual execution of the techniques in real situations that bring about increased performance. After a workshop, we remain in touch with managers and participants for as long as they need us. We support post-course coaching via the Eloomi performance management system.

Cultural Fit

ELP 'Resultants' have worked in most countries around the world. We endeavour to 'know your culture' and your ways of working. We can deliver training in a number of different languages. We strongly believe Diversity and customer-centricity are key in strong and creative corporate cultures.

'How' we achieve positive change

Whether the learning content is new to participants or it is recognised as skills once encountered, learners usually agree that the techniques would benefit their PERFORMANCE AT WORK if they were only put into practice. 

After reflecting on each of the experiential training activities, new techniques are translated into ‘Tiny Habits’, with immediate feedback, helping to train the unconscious.

‘It is less about knowing what to do and more about doing what you know’ 


Two decades of designing and delivering skills training for companies have taught us that:

  • Interactive, Practical Corporate Learning is key to achieving strategic goals
  • Supportive and Exemplary top leadership is key to change
  • The benefits gained from employee development are best sustained when the organisational culture to which they return is supportive of that change.

Therefore, our approach is to partner with our clients at a deep organisational level to develop and embed a climate of trust, inspiring leadership and purposeful, customer-centric culture.

Based on our combined experience of employee development and from working in business ourselves, we feel that we owe it to future generations of sales professionals, managers, leaders, shareholders and CUSTOMERS to use our skill and passion to create workplaces in which all prosper.


Video clip: Giving people the opportunity to feel successful creates emotions which form habits! 

‘Learning by doing’ in a classroom before then putting into practice with real customers




“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, when I do, I understand” (Confucius)

Understanding & Agreement

At the outset, we take care to understand the needs and challenges of all key stakeholders within your organisation. We do this by meeting  employees and managers in an informal setting to discuss potential performance gaps and the reality of everyday life on the job. We pay particular attention to corporate culture, KPIs and inter-departmental teamwork. Fully understanding your organisation is the first step to unlocking its full potential.


We then set to work developing face-to-face and online training modules. Our ethos centres on research-based methodologies that cater for a variety of learning, social behavioural styles and cultural diversity. 

We design ‘experiences’ which enable participants to ‘discover’, rather than be told what to do and why. After all, ‘Everyone learns from Experience’ – the more positive the better 🙂


We deliver an interactive form of training and development, which encourages participants to discover new ways of developing communication and leadership skills. Commitment across the organisation is essential to follow-up and embed the learning until new habits and mindsets become the norm.The optimal blend of face-to-face and online interaction provides an engaging learning experience with realistic goals to implement change.


For sustainable transformation to take place, we continue to support our clients with online development and coaching. We assist clients to achieve a high return on investment by monitoring both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ goals using a highly efficient and easy-to-use Learning and Performance Management System, developed by our Danish partner ‘Eloomi.’
Organisations change when people are inspired to change.

'Why' learners learn!

As adult learners we actively acquire the knowledge that interests us – To put this knowledge into practice by changing the way in which behave requires so much more.

W.I.I.F.M. is the channel we are all tuned into via our internal dialogue 24/7 – What’s In It For Me?

We need to know the benefit, firstly of taking the time to learn and secondly whether we want to change something we do in our everyday lives because of that learning.

That’s answered the most important question for any learner ‘WHY?’ 
“He who has a strong enough “Why”, can bear almost any “How.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

“What” you do and “How” you do it become so much easier when you are 100% sure about WHY you want it.


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