Effective Sales Presentations

Surveys show that presenting in public rates as the number one human fear, even above that of spiders and snakes!


At this development workshop, you will learn how to deal with your own state management as well as how to make memorable presentations which sell your value proposition to a client. How many sales are lost to clients who were not ‘moved’ by a sales presentation? If you believe that better presentations make more sales, then this is the workshop for you.

Learn neurolinguistic techniques (NLP) which help to communicate more effectively. Improve the quality of presentation media and delivery skills. Develop you message and ways to get it across to a wide variety of audiences.

of experienced business people said that they would like to be better at presenting

(Source: Prezi poll (2016))

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Content summary

Depending on specific needs and time available you are able to select from:

  • Preparation for the ‘original’ pitch
  • Using NLP techniques to your advantage
  • Building rapport and trust
  • Presenting a structured Value Proposition
  • Audio-visual and more
  • Making the sale

Who should attend

  • All sales professionals and managers who present to clients as part of their role

  • Presenters from other departments who find “selling’ ideas through presentations a challenge

A safe environment among colleagues – from small groups building up to larger audiences.

What makes this training effective?

Answer: practice – practice – practice

A fun opening from facilitators who show what they and others have seen is an immediate ice breaker. Discussions help develop an agreed list of top tips for improvements before participants go on the stage. Small groups build to larger ones throughout the course, which in turn builds confidence and team-building.

Participants leave the workshop with much more self-confidence and a tool box full of techniques which:

  • remind them how to maintain successful new habits
  • help to structure a presentation from preparation to follow up call
  • allow creativity to flow
  • monitor skills performance which leads to more revenue


We look forward to learning about your specific needs and wishes. Please give us a call or click on the envelope to email us.