Formula Win Selling

formula win selling (FWIN)

Formula Win Selling is a an outcome-based sales methodology which covers every sales practice from prospecting to getting appointments, building rapport, applying consultative sales methods, handling “concerns” to closing the sale. It also applies the psychology of human communication to every stage of the selling process, as well as to your own habit-forming experience.

The easy-to-use techniques are applicable to every industry at every level of sales complexity, considering both the art of soft skills and the science of a modern-day sales methodology, TRANSFORMING KNOWLEDGE INTO HABITS 

Higher net sales per employee from continuous investments in training and reinforcement

(Source: American Society for Training and Development.)

Content summary

Depending on specific needs and time available you are able to select from:

  • Finding – Winning – Keeping Clients
  • Building rapport and trust in a professional manner
  • Understanding client needs deeper than he competition
  • Resolving client concerns
  • Presenting your value proposition successfully
  • Closing and growing deals

Who should attend

This training is for both experienced and ‘new to sales’ people.

  • new sales professionals, wanting to get up to speed quickly.
  • experienced sellers, who are open to a new sales experience.
  • customer facing colleagues, who would like to make the connection from sales to their specific role.
  • Sales managers, in search of content to help with coaching their teams.

A ‘live’ roleplay situation is observed and filmed for the whole group to benefit – video clips are later used on the Learning Management Platform provided for in-house coaching and training.

What makes this training effective?

The combination of a practical and structured sales approach, a focus on ‘converting learning to habits’ and the integration of ‘simple and engaging’ technology to ’embed’ learning is the perfect formula for success.

The high degree of sales practice role plays, feedback and repeat plays already embed the positive experience and new skills during the workshop.

Participants leave this training with much more than the knowledge of how to improve sales performance. They leave with a set of personal strategies which:

  • Remind them how to maintain successful existing habits;
  • Structure a follow-up of mobile ‘micro learning’ (sessions of maximum 15 minutes);
  • Embed new habits successfully;
  • Monitor skills performance which leads to more revenue,

Client feedback

The feedback from the team in Krakow on your session was overwhelmingly positive.  It was quite clear that you prepared well for our session.  This was particularly impactful given the importance placed on preparation in client meetings, as well as the fact that you were given little lead time prior to the session.  (J. Troy IBM Associate Partner MBPS )

The training was to the point and comprehensive. I liked the interaction during the sessions and how they were made interesting and understandable (Shadab Syed Sales Executive, Alshaya KSA)


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