Managing Corporate Learning

“Eloomi LMS works because people like to use it.”

Higher net sales per employee from continuous investments in training and reinforcement

Go for simplicity

Many organisations already have a solution for learning management and performance management. However many are too complex and that is why they are not being used as intended.

Eloomi makes life simple for HR training coordinators and employee users. It limits the margin for error and automates many of the time consuming tasks which HR currently undertake.

Regardless of size, culture and maturity of learning and performance in your organisation, eloomi let’s you pick the combination of functionalities that’s right for you.

See how simplicity and engagement can help you move people and change outcomes.

One-click access for managers to support employees out in the field and back at the office – Eloomi is for all managers and employees across the company.

          > Reduce Complexity
          > Reduce Cost 
          > Increase Speed of implementation
          > Increase usage – learning & results 



Eloomi Learning Management System (LMS) & Performance Management (PM) gives your organisation the ability to solve everyday challenges on a fast-track. Easy access from any kind of device, anywhere, anytime, with the best user experience available, enables your company to activate human capital, strengthen employee competence and increase performance. eloomi is a cloud based LMS & performance management software, that will take your organization to the next level. Let’s engage people and help them improve.

Learning and coaching is done in a maximum of 15 minute sessions. Sometimes sellers even like to watch a quick 3 minute (reminder) video before entering a client’s office.

Short videos of no longer than 2 minutes are a highly effective way to deliver learning to busy employees.

On-boarding, compliance, survey, on line webinars and much more

Moving people & changing outcomes – The why behind the numbers in your business.

Within a month of purchasing eloomi, Berlingske Media increased their on-boarding percentage from 33% to 100%. This figure indicates how many of their staff stayed in their jobs after on-boarding was concluded. ‘The e-learning made training much easier and more simple.’

(Interview with Peter Broendberg, Human Resource Business Manager, Berlingske Media.) source:

Learning Management

Engaging training makes an impact on your organisation. One simple solution that puts you in control of Learning & Development – smart and rewarding to all!
Companies choose eloomi to work effectively with e.g.:
  • on-boarding of new employees
  • skill development
  • compliance and consistency in employee behaviour
  • making company strategy operational.

eloomi for Top Management

  • Convert corporate plans to operational action right away 
  • Generate one-click reports on the real-time effects of training procedures
  • Spot value-driving areas of your organisation and immediately get insight into the underlying causes
  • Benchmark across departments

 eloomi for HR

  • Create just-in-time learning content in minutes with eloomi’s course builder
  • Assign mandatory online training to employees or create optional learning content

  • Eliminate manual planning and preparation

  • Built-in course planner for classroom training with online sign-up, waiting lists, course calendar, course info and details

  • Spot skill gaps, talent and best practice. Instantly convert to competence or behavioral training

  • Carry out surveys and evaluations – both internally among your workforce and throughout your extended enterprise of customers, suppliers and distributors

eloomi for Operations

  • Reduce the time from contract to performance when onboarding new employees
  • Eliminate time spent away from daily tasks; employees can complete onboarding via e-learning videos, articles, tests etc. on their smartphone, tablet or computer, when they have the time
  • Make training and education motivating with eloomi’s gamification elements; employees earn points and trophies when completing courses and passing tests and leaderboards inspire ambition
eloomi® simplifies skill training. It’s quick to deploy, easy to add content and intuitive for all users.

Try some ready made sample micro-learning video clips

As well as custom made training videos made with your own people at face-to-face sessions, we can offers you a library of manageable online micro modules. These videos cover everything from senior management coaching to all sales phases. The are suitable whether you are a beginner or experienced salesperson. The modules can be assembled into a tailor-made competence development plan that fits the individual’s specific needs.

E-learning with micro modules is a flexible way to get training needs that fit into a busy day, as they are accessible on all mobile devices. Each module lasts no more than 15 minutes and ends with a test.

Online learning can always be combined with workshops and teaching sessions.

Learn more about ready-made and bespoke video learning series.

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