Preparing New Managers

Preparing New Managers

How do people become managers? It may appear that the better and more experienced someone is at their job, the more qualified they are to manage others. This is often not the case, however, as many will recognise. The result of this traditional way of corporate promotion is that many companies appear to suffer from a lack of adequate leadership, both at managerial and executive levels.

Since the ultimate goal of a manager is to turn talent into performance and performance into profitability, it makes sense to develop management potential before taking up posts of leadership.

High performing managers have a profound impact on a company’s bottom line. They have a direct impact on talent development and talent retention. However, only too often managers are ‘trained’ and not ‘developed’. This workshop is about preparing managers ready to lead.

of Managers Are Uncomfortable Communicating With Employees

(Source: Interact (2015))

Content summary

Real-life case studies show new managers how others who have gone before them succeeded and failed. By sharing their own experiences they are then able to decide on what they believe to be the ‘next practices’ in their organisation.

Whether transitioning from star salesperson to a high-performing sales manager or becoming a manager in another area of the company; Participants leave this development session with an action plan to support:

> Effective Team meetings

> Performance management

> Identifying and addressing the unique challenges face by sales managers

Recognising key management skills and behaviours required in different departments

> Implementation of an effective development program for themselves and for their team

> Goal setting

Who should attend

> Employees who may be selected for a management role in the near future.

> New managers who are challenged in their current role.

> Experienced managers who exhibit the need for refreshing management skills.

Why is manager development effective?

Starting from participants’ own interpretations of what management should be and actually is in their own reality, we offer known, effective managerial concepts which are fit for business in the modern business world. By sharing their own experiences, participants are able to develop their own, achievable plans to boost their effectiveness in the role.

Experience UK Resultants co-create a behavioural model which allows managers to both coach more effectively and communicate effectively with both employees and their senior management.

This workshop’s success is due to the outcome being truly ‘owned’ by the participants.

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