Organisational Development

What do the words 'transformation' and 'change' say to you?

  > How do your employees perceive them?

  > How many transformation projects truly achieve their goals?

Although ‘transformation’ might appear to be a proactive and positive word; in reality it often meets with resistance (both silent and vocal).

Before any change can truly happen, we must first adapt to even the idea of it. Evolution has shown us that human beings are extremely good at ‘adapting to change’ …  so why not focus on what we are good at?

Organisational Development is essential to fulfil the corporate vision

How often do companies attempt to improve operational efficiency by simply changing business processes or by replacing people with a new software? How often do such transformations fail to deliver? 

Changing business processes and structure has little influence on employee engagement, absenteeism or attrition – Software cannot always think out of the box as well as an empathetic employee with an innovative mindset.

of projects fail due to a lack senior management involvement.

“The practice of well-planned interventions to significantly improve organisational effectiveness”.

How can we support your Organisational Development?

Experience UK offers a holistic and practical approach to achieving sustainable organisational development. We do this by developing ‘people skills,’ as well professional business skills.

Our dedication to customer-centricity dives deeply into the company’s DNA. This healthy focus has a massive impact on the business and all stakeholders involved.

By facilitating transformation and development, we support a change of mindset and culture shift, which enables the organisation to flourish. 

During 20 years of developing employees from small family firms to multi-nationals as large as IBM, it became clear to us that the desired change would only happen if other relevant factors within the organisation are also changed. With the support of our clients’ leadership teams, we offer an unbiased, independent view and assistance to recognise and change factors which will achieve sustainable results. 

  > Phase out “the (silent) silo mindset’ – by Improving communication and sharing information

  > Inspire employee actions – to support business strategy

  > Encourage accountability – to coach and independently take decisions

  > Weave employee and corporate values into the behavioural fabric called corporate culture

  > Promote confidence to contribute candidly in management meetings

  > Improving employee engagement through trust and respected leadership

Assessment Results

After assessing the needs and resources of the company, what do we ‘do’ next?

Many results were already known! So why was nothing changed?

This workshop invites the right ‘people’ to act on results before it is too late.

Replacing Silos

How much is the bottom line of a company affected by the ‘silo-mindset’?

But isn’t working in silos a human construct to protect and separate duties and skills?

What could replace a silo and give more job secturity and satisfaction to employees?

Communication Across Borders

 > much more than ‘English for Business’

 > Vital to multi-national ‘mind-set development’

Non-native, English-speaking employees jump at the chance of a Business English retreat, while the company benefits run much deeper!

Your Organisational Development Journey with Experience UK

“If you don’t know where you are then it really doesn’t matter which way you go’  Lewis Carol, Alice in Wonderland

Experience UK supports organisations to define a customer centric strategy which can realistically achieve the company’s objectives.

WHY the Organisation needs to introduce change becomes clear  

Workshops of position and directions

By contrasting the assessment results, members of the organisation are in a much better position to decide on how business strategy, customer-centric culture and stakeholders needs can be accommodated within the organisation.   

Why it works?

Since individuals, teams and the organisation are represented and are listened to the bigger team can experience :

  • reciprocal trust
  • open dialogue
  • respect and a feeling of being listened to concerning important corporate decisions
  • experience and concerns are taken into consideration

Proposed interventions

Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.” Confucius, circa 450BC

HOW teams discover new skills often affects WHAT they then DO to perform well

Learning and Development - Fuelling the Business

Tailor made training and development workshops, reinforced by personalised on-line follow up.  train

Interventions enable employees from all departments to engage fully in the process of change.

  • HR employees sit side by side with employees on the various training and development interventions
  • exchanging experience through combined problem solving activities brings people closer together
  • improved communication flow (back at the workplace) is a natural result of any such interventions
  • participants leave the session with new relationship 

Why face to face workshops in this day and age?

Before employees begin studying videos and slide presentations, they need to know that they can trust and empathise with fellow colleagues who are a part of the same journey of change. The blending of this initial experience with on line materials and coaching is adopted much more readily by participants who have already met the people with whom the can then interact with on line and on the phone. 

Final results measurement

Experience is not what happens to you   –  It’s what you do with what happens.”

A. Huxley

Communication & Celebration

Along the journey to achieving the final objective it is essential that individuals teams and shareholders are informed and recognised for the work which is being done. This task is preferably an integrated effort of Human Resources and Marketing. 

Constant & Consistent Communication 

Results across the whole company

Human Resources employees work together with their marketing colleagues to inform and to celebrate employees’ hard work: 

  • projects and initiatives are not left to ‘fall by the wayside’
  • regular updates are published via learning management channel
  • fine tuning decisions taken along the journey are published
  • employees are recognised for their efforts by being informed

Successful Organisational Development has the effect of “joining the Dots” between people, departments, shareholders and customers. The holistic approach to improved corporate performance is a complex mix of motivation, trust and encouragement without which companies lose customer, talent and profit.  

Why it works?

“Do not judge a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins” (American Indian proverb)

For people working in the human resources department to fully empathise with ’employees on the receiving end of change’ in the company it is vital to experience some real life simulated situations.

The organisation will benefit because of:

  • less miscommunication and fewer costly logistical errors
  • improved alignment between HR activities and Business needs
  • improved mutual respect and understanding between employees


We look forward to speaking to you about your specific needs and wishes. Please give us a call or click on the envelope to E mail.