Assessment Results

build 'customer-centric' initiatives which employees recognise and action as their own.

During this workshop your MRI report is re-presented and discussed by your leadership team. Resultants facilitate the creative space and insights needed to plan your organisation’s strategic  journey.

one -day assessment results workshop


In a one- hour video conference, Experience UK resultants present the leadership team with the results of the Customer Centric survey. 


A full-day meeting of the management team and key operational managers.

An interactive day of formulating potential solutions to increasing Customer Centricity across the whole company.

Your team creates and commits to an action plan which will enable the=m to inspire and enable the desired changes in the company.


Estimated ROI (profit and cost savings) after 10 months from actions taken resulting from MRI priorities (estimated at $15 million permanent gain).

(Source: Market Culture, Telstra Telco, Australia)


After this workshop the leadership team leaves with a comprehensive action plan to:

  • Develop a strategy for leading and managing change within your organisation to achieve customer centricity
  • Develop a roadmap for taking the customer-centric journey
  • Identify landmarks and challenges inherent in its implementation
  • Assess the effectiveness of key metrics and milestones that companies use to quantify and measure their success
  • Explore the best ways of leveraging human capital to foster product and service innovation
  • Apply tools and templates to measure the potential impact on profit, sales, ROI, customer satisfaction and new product success
  • Use customised templates to develop personal action plans

  > Leaders and their teams will incorporate their learnings into a new vision, mission and strategy for the their team/organisation.

  > Leaders will develop a Personal Action Plan for implementation after the program.


The market response index survey (MRI) has proven results with … 

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