Healthy Or Wealthy?

Wellness boosts business

for many years companies have 'spoken' about wellness. Has the time now finally arrived to 'act' in a consistent way to make it a standard part of all employee development?

In 2016 Britons took 137 million sick days. Of these, 15.8 million days were for stress, depression, anxiety. By contrast, 34 million days were “lost” to minor illnesses, like coughs and colds.

If these were the ‘reported cases’, you might wonder how much more real figures are and how much business is being lost as a result.

If your sales executive misses a client meeting because of illness or is bad tempered with employees resulting in lost talent; the competitor need only wait at the door to win those deals or acquire new staff (who you trained).

working days
lost per person, per year due to stress,depression or anxiety (11.7 million days of work lost in 2015/16)
million days
"lost" to minor illnesses, like coughs and colds.

In other cultures, such figures may not be as readily reported and yet the losses are still there. Have you ever asked yourself how much your organisation is unknowingly losing due to employee illness? How do you believe healthier, more energised, and more centred employees affect customer relationships?

In countries of the Middle East the issues are even worse. The extreme (and rising) rate of type-2 diabetes in the Arabian Peninsula region is over twice the global average rate, and much higher than some other areas of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

19.3 percent of adults aged 20 to 79 in the United Arab Emirates are diabetic. In Bahrain, the percentage rises to 19.6—and the statistic jumps to 20 percent for Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

These five nations all rank within the top 15 nations in the world for highest rate of diabetes per capita. 

Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia also rank in the top 15 countries for obesity.

High rates of smoking have also led to increased rates of heart disease and high blood pressure. In 2016 in Bahrain, nearly 50 percent of men over age 15 used tobacco products and the percentage is expected to rise to 86.1 by 2025.

In line with supporting ‘meaningful’ organisational development, the Experience UK team offers you the chance of a lifestyle change and prosperity.

ELP Health & Wealth development

“So many people lose their health while in search of wealth”

This long weekend development session has the potential to change your life. Making it longer and more prosperous.

Content summary

At this long-weekend retreat, employees will:

  • follow a tailor made variation of development based on a pre-course questionnaire and interview 
  • start every morning with an hour of exercise and learning which is used later in the day
  • engage in discussions and role plays on a range of business topics from time management to presentations and sales techniques
  • discover the bigger picture of one’s own life-work relationship
  • fully appreciate the links between physical, mental and commercial fitness
  • leave with a new strategy to put new knowledge into beneficial practice

Who should attend

  • employees from all departments who WANT to improve their health and wealth
  • sales and management who spend hours travelling and living in hotels more than they do at home


A perfect mix of body, mind and business training provides a massive return on investment. It is for many people a first-time realisation that IT IS ALL CONNECTED! 


The spacious environment of a weekend away from the office provides the ideal environment to tackle lifestyle issues which are holding you back from what you know you are capable of at work. 

The simple exercises and dietary advice are personalised and experiential, giving you a higher success factor than simply reading on line or being told what to do.

Professional dietetic, and business coaches provide you with all the resources needed to make a lasting change. Post course follow up calls are combined with on line video reminders of how to sustain the change.




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