How We Work

We begin by assessing your corporate culture and needs...

...then we design and deliver 'mindset changing' learning experiences




...finally, we celebrate with you, turning learning into results.

The Client's strategy comes first...

"Begin with the end in mind"

Every training exercise and we design and deliver is aimed at supporting a specific corporate goal.

By looking closely at the specific skills and mindsets needed to achieve specific tasks by specific people we are able to offer a training intervention which convince the learner of the benefits and provide them with the confidence to change.

Experience (face to face) - Learn (on-line) - Perform (with clients)

...Highly interactive and fun interventions

"Learning must be memorable"

Think back to your best subject at school – what do you remember most?
Most people say it was the teacher – he was great, he listened, she understood me etc.

We believe that every participant has a subconscious internal dialogue saying “we don’t care what you know – first we want to know that you care.”

We do care – our job is to bring people together in a fun, learning environment.


...We involve management

"Walking the talk"

We encourage managers to co-facilitate with us during training sessions. This has proven to create increased mutual respect, trust and understanding. People on the same team get together in an environment, which while respecting roles and positions, is able to put learning into perspective regarding real life challenges.

...finally, strategy becomes results

"Learn and perform"

We do not just deliver training and leave. We help clients follow up on the results from training, using the eloomi on-line platform, accessed by all learners and managers.

We upload supplementary content when needed and remain in contact with the stakeholders to monitor progress.

Learning by doing

We feel that practising a sales call in the classroom, with supportive observers is much less costly than practising on real clients!
The same is true for leaders introducing change to their teams.

Training and “resulting” is designed and delivered according to our clients’ individual needs and wishes. The classroom work is followed up by ‘mobile’ on line training – 15 minute long micro-learning sessions are simple and engaging for busy people to refresh skills when sitting in the car before a client meeting.

Traditional, less creative learning methods can sometimes in themselves be a frustrating block to behaviour change.

We design experiential activities that promote learning around a specific need in the organisation. For example; the photograph shows members of a sales team, who each have individual sales targets, working in a situation from which they can benefit much more if all if they decide to work as a team.

All training and follow up embedding sessions must be as engaging as shown in these photos – ‘simple and engaging’ = confidence to form new habitual selling and management behaviour. 

After a positive learning experience, participants discuss how it relates to their everyday lives at work. They are encouraged to act out scenarios through the medium of role-play . This is done in a safe environment allowing the facilitator to ‘feed-between’ (more effective than feedback, which is sometimes delivered too late) when needed so that feed-back is left to the learners. The new learning is framed by the resultant as a potential model of new behaviour. It is firstly ‘discussed’ and when necessary ‘drilled’ over and over until the participants feel ready to try out their new skills on a new role-play partner.

” TELL me and I will forget, SHOW me and I remember, INVOLVE ME and I understand “
(Confucius 551-479 B.C.)​

From Learning to Performing


We design unique experiences which trigger participants’ emotional responses and understanding. This often involves taking people out of their comfort zones (in a supportive way), so that by the end of the experience they will have a sense of achievement and new level of self-awareness and self-confidence. We believe that stretching people helps to ignite the learning process. By focusing on authentic professional scenarios, participants have the opportunity to make mistakes, try new approaches, and get quick feedback in a safe environment. We also use peer-feedback to build confidence and capability throughout the programme.


After each learning experience, participants enter into discussion or undertake a decision-making activity (often a case study) which helps them to link the experience to real-life business scenarios. Role plays are a key element of the learning which allow participants to experiment with different approaches which they ultimately consider confident to use in real-life situations. A variety of recording methods from graphic facilitation to video are used to embed the learning after the training session. Managers are often encouraged to attend wrap-up sessions, in order to mutually agree the type of coaching relationship needed to embed learning further when back in the workplace.


Almost every client we have the pleasure to help wants to increase profitable growth. We help them achieve this by agreeing much more specific and measurable goals. Post training targets, such as increased number of client calls, quality feedback from customer meetings or improved close rates during final presentations, all show an improved performance which ultimately contributes to the profitable-growth goal. Participants' commitments to future behaviour change and ongoing coaching are monitored using a motivational app on laptops, phones and tablets which connect the learning and performance to managers' support and additional on-line learning.

our focus on your results

Using reports generated from the Eloomi performance management platform, we meet regularly with the Human Resources and relevant Business Unit Leaders to discuss current performance. Based on KPIs which are established at the design stage of every intervention, we are able to fine-tune the on-line follow up and coaching to ensure that all targets are reached.


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