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The ELP Story

The ELP story


I have always believed that people learn and change through experience. And so it stands to reason that if organisations want to create real change, then providing employees with growth experiences creates the conditions for POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION.

This is what I have witnessed in my own life, and something I continue to hear from ex-students from around the world. Even today, I receive feedback from young IBMers I trained who share that their ‘sales school’ formed the blueprint which they have followed ever since (many of whom are now global VPs and CEOs).

My passion for helping to improve capabilities within organisations began at a very young age. I was 21 years old when I started my first job as a quality technician, after a four-year apprenticeship at Rolls Royce in Derby, UK. This job, my position as apprentice association chairman and other roles over the years have taught me ONE VITAL LESSON: ‘no organisation can transform successfully without fully understanding and respecting human relationships, needs and fears.’

Developing people, mindsets and skills is still the most vital way to develop organisations.

The Rolls Royce Canoe team of 1985 formed bonds between engineers and managers which benefited the company for many more years. 

After 20 years of training as a freelancer, I founded ELP Ltd. At the same time, I coined the term, ‘Resultant’, and began to offer companies the opportunity to recognise employee development it for what it is: a vital element of organisational change.

Training and development has played a significant part in my life ever since those early days as a technical apprentice at Rolls Royce, where the same team who won a canoe race helped to transport people safely around the world in aircraft of all shapes and sizes. To this day, I feel proud when I see the Rolls Royce badge as I board yet another safe flight, and often wonder how many employees feel that pride today.

I left Rolls Royce to become an officer in the Royal Navy and then left the Navy to “experience” the world. I’m fortunate and grateful that my 25 year-long journey has taken me full-circle, back into the world of employee development and “resulting”.


In 2003, I was working for the training arm of a Catalan Experiential Marketing company. I met Andi Roberts, a Spanish speaking, highly-experienced experiential facilitator and fellow Welshman.

Within a short time, we found ourselves training more than 400 employees at Malta Airport, and since, have worked together for SEAT and IBM around the globe, as well as for Alshaya Enterprises in the Middle East.

We started working side-by-side with Sue Bohane and Daniela Gardini as part of the extended team at IBM Global Sales School. Mika was also one of the team who later took us to Finland for the TietoEnator transformation.

For a long time, we wanted to offer more than business skills training to our clients, and it was Tianne Croshaw who gave us the courage to speak to management about the real benefits of developing employees’ well-being. ‘Wealth without health’ just didn’t seem to make sense. She and Alison Hopper brought the essential element of mental and physical resilience to our offering.

Ali’s Dersavi helped us with our first client in the Middle East. His knowledge of business culture and people have been invaluable in designing and delivering efficient and respectful training that inspires people from that part of the world.

Christian – an ex IBM global sales graduate – was the perfect addition to our team in the Nordic region, as his structured and analytical approach brings with it yet another string to our bow.

Debi Garrod (also ex IBM) has shown us that Customer Culture is so much more important than we ever thought possible. It’s not just about sellers: it is a pulse throughout a company without which its heart can stop.

This expert team from many different countries offers an unparalleled blend competency, experience and passion that allows us to provide the highest quality of employee development in today’s marketplace.

We are currently working with clients from a variety of industry sectors such as Airports, IT, Petroleum, Banking, Telecommunications, Retail Sales in countries like Austria, Spain, Germany, Turkey, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.