'The small changes that change everything'

‘We are the sum of our actions; therefore, our habits make all the difference’ (Aristotle)

Nearly 20 years of experience in corporate training has shown us at ELP that, ‘Success in everything comes down to mastering the basics.’ As we strive to provide our clients with a substantial Return on Investment in training, we know that this can only be achieved when participants actually put their learning into practice in the real world. The knock-on effect of such new behaviour, as explained in the Kirkpatrick Model, is how those results are achieved. 

In the search for a way to transform such learning, we discovered the work of Professor BJ Fogg of Stanford University. We find that by integrating the behaviour design skills known as ‘Tiny Habits’ into our learning programs, learners have much higher ability and motivation to take their inspiring new knowledge and implement it immediately into their working practice.  

90 minutes’ on-line Habit Training

This training is intended for anyone who agrees that ‘if you always do what you always did, you will always get (less of) what you always got’  Participants can take this training either before or after the complimentary five-day experience.  The training enables you to use the foundation of Tiny Habits to reach those bigger goals which you have in both your personal and your professional life.  Sustainable habits create sustainable change!

Is a lack of motivation getting in the way of results? (either personal or professional)

Have you ever told yourself that with a bit more Self Discipline, you would do things differently?

  • How often have you thought (but not succeeded) to stop a bad habit or start a good habit?
  • What would it do for you, to turn your ‘knowledge & experience‘ of sales; good parenting; being the person you want to be, into real daily practice?
  • How much control do you have over your own habits? Your own performance, your life?

We all would like to adopt certain (profitable) habits in our life, and stop others which do not benefit us! Wouldn’t we?

Such habits may be connected to health

  • How does it feel to start a diet on January the first and give up by January the 5th?
  • Who would like to stop smoking or start exercising more?
  • What if a new habit to reduce stress, anxiety or fear could become automatic?

… others connected to our wealth…

  • What would it look like to you to BE MORE THAN JUST MOTIVATED by a new Sales Technique? To actually TURN THAT RHETORIC INTO RESULTS? (motivation doesn’t change behaviour for long – just remember that fruit juicer, or home fitness machine you were motivated to buy and never used) You will discover how Tiny Habits work, even when motivation fluctuates.
  • When investing in training for yourself or for others, how can you guarantee it becomes a daily practice? We all leave training sessions with good intentions and by the following week, many of us find our notes placed neatly on the shelf with all of those other ‘great ideas,’ that we’ll one day make a habit.

For any Habit to grow it must first be planted in the right place, with all the right conditions for that particular behaviour.

When you agree that we know your ‘Ultimate Success Outcomes®’, only then can we talk with you about a possible Return on Investment from our training and coaching. 

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This 90-minute online session provides you with the foundation needed to put your 5-day experiential learning into practice in order to Impact Performance in the areas of your choice. IT TAKES YOU FROM TINY HABITS TO BIG CHANGES.

After the 90-minute interactive online session, you only need to practice for 3 minutes a day for five days. By answering a daily E-mail, you will then be rewarded by personal on-line coaching to help you learn the steps to achieve your chosen personal and professional aspirations.

‘Tiny Habits’ is a method which helps you create any habit you want – By making the habit super-easy, finding where it fits naturally into your routine, linking it to an existing habit (Anchor), and celebrating your tiny victories.
It is as easy as A-B-C ( Anchor – Behaviour – Celebration)

The BJ Fogg Behaviour Model©

The Fogg Behavior Model shows that three elements must converge at the same moment for a behaviour to occur: Motivation, Ability, and a Prompt. When a behaviour does not occur, at least one of those three elements is missing. … In other words, Motivation and Ability have a compensatory relationship to each other.

As with many other theories about habitual behaviour, there is a prompt which triggers a behaviour. At ELP we call this a ‘spark’. 

For this spark to bring life to the new behaviour, the behaviour itself must be positioned above the action line ( the curve on the diagram) 

In essence, this requires new behaviour to be easy to do and to have a small amount of motivation. 

Desired behaviours which fall below this actions line are those which are difficult to do and therefore reducing the practitioner’s ability to do it. Even if one is highly motivated to undertake such a new behaviour, it will remain simply as knowledge and no amount of prompting will be sufficient to spark it into life.A


As Easy as A-B-C

the process of introducing the Tiny Habits method into your daily life could not be easier. You need simply remember the letters A, B, C. 

A stands for ‘Anchor’ moment – This is an existing regular behaviour which you have and which you choose to become the spark for the new behaviour (B). This new behaviour (B) as you already know from the Fogg behaviour model must be TINY. It should take no longer than thirty seconds. (*now that just squashed any excuse for not having enough time, didn’t it?)   

C is for Celebrate – Since habits are often built on emotions, it is important to create this emotion after successfully doing your 30-second behaviour by celebrating. .This can be anything from a loud high-five to a subtle whisper to yourself saying, ‘well done.’ 

Select YOUR Anchor moment = existing habit e.g. brushing teeth, drinking coffee.

What is the new Behaviour YOU would like to have? 

* It must be ‘Tiny’

Celebrating is ESSENTIAL (Dopamine release & Emotion connected with success)

** The most important (and often most neglected step in the process


“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” (Confucious)

BJ Fogg has shared Tiny Habits with over 60,000 around the world— As one of his certified coaches I am excited to continue in his footsteps, help people to feel great when they experience the empowerment and feeling of success that comes from making your own new behaviours – Participation is free.
The 5-day program has two parts.
First, to join the 5-day session (at no charge) CLICK HERE AND I WILL SEND YOU A MAIL THIS WEEK with some links to BJs videos to prepare you for the easiest 5 days of habit training you will ever experience.
In these short videos, you will learn a few things about how to make a recipe for three simple new habits.
You will learn the basics of Tiny Habits and you will get started in about 25 minutes total. 
You will then have time to set up in your own time, before Sunday at 8pm, when your 5-day experience begins and you join a session that starts on Monday.


Starting on Monday, you will practice new habits for 5 days in a row. You’ll discover what works for you, and what doesn’t. It’s a learning process.
Each afternoon, Monday through Friday, you will receive an email from me, checking in with you. Each email will also share more about the Tiny Habits method.
Day by day you will have more insight into the Tiny Habits method and your own life.
Tiny Habits:
  • is Simple.
  • it Focuses on learning, not perfection ( no failure – only feedback )
  • and Like with other skills, as you learn, you will modify your approach as you go.

Why Motivation cannot be relied on

Motivation is like a wave on the ocean. They are great to ride high until they come crashing the shore. Have you ever felt super motivated to do something new, only to fee quite different the following day? Perhaps you bought some home exercise equipment or a juicer. How long was it before you put that new equipment away or it began to gather dust from disuse? That’s why ‘Tiny Habits’ do not count on motivation to support our new habits, it is simply not reliable. As the Stamford researcher and author of Tiny Habits, B.J. Fogg puts it, ‘Motivation has one role in life; to help us to do things which are hard to do. If they weren’t hard, we wouldn’t need motivation.’

Coaching for Corporate ROI

Coaching follow up strengthens results

Pragmatic – Jargon-free- Independent – Experienced -Objective – certified Habiteer©

Why Tiny Habits Coaching from ELP?

  • We have done it successfully many times before (client testimonials on request)
  • Every Tiny Habit coach has struggled with the same challenges as the learners. We have experienced the realities of behaviour change and we have successfully implemented the methodology  in our own daily lives.  
  • We are independent of your organisation – Our work with individuals is strictly confidential. Participants are able to communicate with an external coach in ways they might not do with their own managers. It is this ‘special relationship’ between the coach and coachee which is often the best catalyst to unlocking confidence and change. 

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