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Corporate Training that puts Learning into Practice

Andy Ryder

Facilitator & Resultant™

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Formula Win Selling

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"Turning Training into Habits" is what makes us different.

‘An organisation’s ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage’ ( Jack Welch )

At ELP Ltd, for 20 years, we have been helping companies and individuals to identify and acknowledge performance gaps related to Mindset, Motivation, Knowledge, or Skill. We then strive to BRIDGE ALL FOUR GAPS through engaging training and follow-up coaching, to help them put learning into practice.

Well-designed training, delivered by experts who are mindful of: 

  • The expected impact on business results
  • The people and the behaviours that influence those results
  • The follow-up of how and when learning is used in the real world
  • People leading busy lives and that learning new skills is not always a top priority. We also know that some participants attend training simply because they are told to attend, without truly knowing how they will benefit. This is why we meet participants before doing the training design; We listen carefully to their needs and challenges in an informal setting.  We facilitate an optimal state for wanting to learn and we arrange with them to align the experiences and follow up coaching to meet both their and their organisation’s needs.

                         We deliver engaging and energetic live, Group Training sessions both Online and Face to Face

A realistic approach to learning and results

We all have a desire to improve.
To improve our lives, our happiness, our personal and professional performance.  
And yet since we are also only human, we often harbour a lengthy list of rationalisations and excuses for why we do not change the way we do things. 

‘If we always do what we always did, we will always get (less of) what we always got’
At ELP, we help Sales Professionals, Managers and Leaders get more from themselves and from their teams b
integrating new ‘FWIN’ communication techniques into all customer interactions with a methodology called ‘Tiny Habits’ to get new results.

Formula Win Selling

Three Roads to Successful Selling




Learn a winning formula of simple techniques that help customers invest in your value. 

Bespoke Corporate Training Videos

Short and Effective Training that deals with your company’s real issues.




The three examples above are simply suggestions. We help you to write scripts and produce engaging, and dare we say it ‘entertaining’ training videos that help employees  turn new behaviour into effective habits.

Tiny Habits

The Small changes that change Everything (Dr BJ Fogg)




Using the Tiny Habits method is as easy as ABC. One week’s coaching available on request.

What Our Clients say

Thank you all for sharing these wonderful testimonials. 
We will do our utmost continue to provide meaningful training in Sales and Leadership across the world that truly makes a difference.  

"The Formula Win Selling course was by far the most educational and useful IBM training I have taken. Andy made it interactive which assisted in learning the material quicker and allowed you to pick up tips from others while also learning about your peers. I felt very well prepared for the final test. If you have the opportunity to take a training course with Andy, I highly recommend it "

Ryan Slone, Senior Channel Account manager, Ingram Micro USA Tweet

"Andy is a superb trainer. He delivers outstanding results, but more importantly he trains with such enthusiasm and passion that the results will stick around with students far longer than by a more 'conventional' training. I recommend Andy wholeheartedly"

Daniel Cox, Advanced Negotiations Leader, IBM Netherlands Tweet

"Andy gave me my first training as a management trainee and I am still using the essence of his enablement in daily business. I would recommend Andy's assistance in the development of your young professionals any time"

Thibaud De Keyser, Sales Director, SAP Belgium Tweet

"Formula Win Selling was far the most enjoyable I have been through in a long time.If all my pre-sales’ employees go through this training, it will have a huge impact on how they talk to customers"

Wael Milbes, CTO, General Computers and Electronics, Jordan Tweet

"Simply put, Andy is one of the very best trainers and facilitators I have had the pleasure of working with. I hire him regularly for IBM and the internal clients are always keen to try out new things, and as an expert in the area of experiential learning brings a whole new dimension to our learning programs. Every time I work with him I go away having increased my own personal toolkit of skills"

Felix Binggeli, GSS learning leader IBM EMEA Tweet

"I have been working with Andy Ryder for almost five years, we together established the Alshaya Sales Training Academy from scratch. Andy is a person who is always surprising you by reading the clients' needs. His dedication and passion to help makes the participants fully engaged. Andy is an ideal model for a resultant by converting what he is delivering inside the classroom into the reality. I am very proud to work with Andy ryder and looking for more cooperation and collaboration in future "

Ahmed Abdulaziz, Regional HR and Admin Manager, Alshaya Enterprises, Kuwait Tweet

"The delivery of the training was unique and fun. Andy was able to demonstrate sophisticated aspects of the sales cycle in an easy and entertaining way. I learned tons of techniques from him that I currently use in my day to day engagements. I would like to thank him for his efforts on making GSS a world class trining indide IBM.
Without a doubt, I highly recommend Andy's training fora any organisation looking for a world class trainer"

Youssef Elmalty, Head of Security, Risk and Compliance, Public Sector Amazon Web Services, Singapore Tweet
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