Tiny Habits - The small changes that change everything (BJ Fogg)

New Knowledge without New behaviour is ‘nice to have’ –  ROI is ‘essential to have’!
this is WHY….
your ability to form new behaviours of your choice is key to creating 


‘Tiny Habits’ is a practical, time-efficient method which helps you create any habit you want – By making the habit super-easy, finding where it fits naturally into your routine, linking it to an existing habit, and celebrating your tiny victories. It is as easy as A-B-C (Anchor – Behaviour – Celebration) Trained and accredited Habiteers© and Coaches at ELP can help you and your colleagues PUT LEARNING INTO PRACTICE. 
If we always do what we always did, we will always get  (less of) what we always got! hence the need for NEW HABITS

Tiny habits training and the complimentary 5-day experience and personal coaching focuses on how to put new ideas into real practice when returning to the workplace.

(The work which we at ELP do with our clients around Behavioural design is based on the discoveries of Research Professor B.J. Fogg of Stanford University.)

90 minutes.. On-line habit training

The BJ Fogg Behavior Model©

The 5-day Tiny Habits© Experience

Why Motivation doesn't work

as easy as abc

coaching for corporate roi


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