Negotiations that bring Relationships, results & revenue closer together

Acclivus Sales Negotiation® is the most highly validated approach to Business-with-Business® negotiation. The programme enables professionals to achieve revenue objectives and strengthen customer relationships while preserving their own credibility, the integrity of their products and services, and the profitability of their organisations.

ELP Ltd. has worked with Acclivus R3 Solutions around the world since 2010. Together we have helped sales professionals at companies like Siemens, IBM, Hitachi Vantara and Nasdaq transform their deal outcomes by negotiating the Acclivus R3 way: ensuring ongoing, profitable revenue, strong, lasting relationships and optimal results for their customers.

If a 1% discount equals an ...

reduction in operating margin .... then this learning experience can easily pay for itself in a single negotiation.

Content summary

The sales professional who participates fully in the program will learn how to effectively:

  • Prepare for each negotiation by establishing a plan and strategy that will ensure optimal return for both parties
  • Identify, understand, and respond to negotiating challenges and opportunities in a way that empowers the participant’s negotiating position
  • Manage customer expectations during the decision process in order to eliminate tension and stress traditionally associated with negotiation
  • Elevate negotiations—and relationships—from the competitive level to the more productive cooperative and collaborative levels
  • Fully understand the needs driving customer demands so that customer needs can be met even if demands cannot
  • Avoid entering into negotiations that are not likely to produce favourable outcomes for your organisation or one in which you are not fully prepared
  • Support and protect the interests and policies of the participants’ organisations
  • Adhere to standards of personal integrity and succeed without misleading customers
  • Apply the techniques of the Acclivus Negotiation Framework to positively influence the tone and substance of negotiations and guide them toward mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Produce favourable results within a negotiation while strengthening customer relationships
  • Respond to customer tactics in ways that defeat the tactics without defeating the customer or weakening the relationship

Who should attend

> Sales professionals who are under pressure to achieve aggressive revenue targets 

> Anyone who looking for a way to truly negotiate on value instead of price

> Customer-facing colleagues, who need to move from a competitive relationship to one of collaboration.

>Sales Managers who want to help their teams deal with the price-value divide.

> Anyone who would like to reach agreement while maintaining a mutually healthy relationship

Acclivus Sales Negotiation is facilitated in local languages across the globe. The techniques have proven to be highly effective across all cultures – from Bangalore to Belgium.

Why Acclivus sales negotiation works

This powerful training programme is based on the principle that by aligning needs, a salesperson can elevate relationships and ensure mutually beneficial outcomes. 

The interactive role-plays are based ONLY on current client opportunities which the sellers bring with them to the class.

Instructors with extensive sales backgrounds across a number of industries guide powerful discussions and activities. This experiential learning process ultimately leads to sales professionals truly ‘wanting’ to take this fresh approach to closing deals without discounting price.

Participants leave this workshop feeling confident to negotiate as never before.

The mindset shift comes from:

   >      Discovering how to build the power necessary to strengthen their negotiating positions

   >      Learning concrete ways to elevate relationships even with the toughest of customers

   >      Committing to prepare for negotiations early and having the tools and process to do so

   >      Working with colleagues in role plays based on challenging, real-world customer situations

   >      Learning to recognise negotiating tactics and knowing how to confidently deal with them

                                                                                                                                              Copyright 2019 Acclivus R3 Solutions 


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