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Performance tracking & learning MADE EASIER

A combined solution of learning and performance tracking.

of all that you learn in a training session is forgotten within 3 days. (if it is not followed up and embedded)

Discover and take action

Like successful athletes, engaged and talented employees working within a commercial enterprise need to be motivated, and to train the skills that ensure their success.

Do you want to know how you perform compared to others (such as the competitors’ sales teams)? What are you doing well? Where could you improve? How far are you from your goal? Why? Do you want appraisal and recognition when you are doing well and constructive, valuable feedback when you need to develop? The eloomi Performance Management platform makes the training, embedding and follow-up easy, measurable and motivational.

Sellers can choose to request coaching sessions from managers or simply revisit the skills learning online in the form of short (two-minute) video clips. Mangers can post questionnaires. Sellers can compete with colleagues by means of ‘gamification’ and they can receive certificates on completion without using HR administration resources.

Get a clear view of competences, learning activities and performance throughout the organisation. Discover new talents and who needs added training or coaching to move from average to high performer.

Discover which managers are coaching team members and who needs assistance from HR. Use standard reports or filter your favourite views to push real-time status to the management team.

Great leadership supports employees' continual improved performance.

"I'd love to coach ... but when?"

Many managers simply lack the means to get their employees to perform. This is where eloomi enters, but let’s look at some basics at first.

How do people become managers? Is it true that the better and more experienced someone is at their job, the more qualified they are at managing others?
This is a fallacy as many now realise. Because of this traditional way of corporate promotion, many people who do not have the skills to manage are now having the opposite effect on their sellers than was intended.
We all know, that great leadership is the ability to identify what’s unique about each person, capitalise on their strengths and make sure the team works well. Good managers have the ability to unify performers, set the tempo, execute clear preparations and to listen critically and shape the sound of the ensemble.
The ultimate goal of a manager is to turn talent into performance and turn performance into profitability.
But, how to do it, if there aren’t any practical tools available for the managers? If they should perform by getting their teams to perform, they need tools that can support their efforts. Tools that are so simple to use, that are neither time consuming nor remove focus from the task in hand… they need ‘Eloomi’
of all resources invested in employee continuous education goes to waste due to the lack of follow-up after training is completed.

Eloomi helps leaders to...

  1. Identify the skills needed among your employees. Use work engagement survey’s and align this to the company goals.
  2. Assign necessary training to support the skills needed. Do it in a way that employees like! Online and blended.
  3. Track in real-time and get insights on gap’s and motivation. Use this to set the right KPI’s.
  4. Do not only focus on result based KPI’s. Include soft skills KPI’s as well. The right behaviours automatically lead to the results needed.
  5. Use a process that gives the employees motivation, acknowledgment and feedback from their manager and align it to their personal development.
  6. Follow up with ratings, because people like to know if they are on track, do a good job, or the opposite.
  7. Change ratings into a constructive process by objectives aligned 100 % with the KPI’s – this way it’s easy to understand. This is where the magic happens. Studies as well as facts by eloomi customers shows, that this can increase improvement and performance with more than 30 %.
  8. Keep track of the performance and use this constructive in the dialogues between the manager and the employees. 

Client feedback

eloomi LMS & performance management gives your organisation the ability to swiftly solve everyday challenges. Easy access from any kind of device, anywhere, anytime, with the best user experience available, enables your company to activate human capital, strengthen employee competence and increase performance. eloomi is a cloud-based LMS and performance management software that takes your organisation to the next level of talent management.



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