Strategy Aligned Collaboration

Closing more deals by presenting a true understanding of customers’ strategies, goals and challenges to success.

ELP resultants assist sales teams and clients to match mutually beneficial solutions.

A one-day workshop gives participants at least a six-month head start to closing more than one deal.

Build a lasting rapport with decision makers and deepen a sustainable business for business relationship.

of your clients have a strategy in place to help them achieve their corporate goals.

Do you know what it is?


Content summary

The client is invited to comment on our interpretation of their objectives, strategy and current tasks. A one hour meeting with the client is followed by a day of strategic sales planning. Delegates are able to:

  • Build Rapport and Trust
  • Understand client needs in greater detail then normal
  • Resolve client concerns
  • Present their initial value propositions to colleagues
  • Open doors to other key stakeholders

Who should attend

  • Sales Professionals who want to build a very special kind of rapport and respect from clients
  • Subject matter experts who need to discuss directly with clients
  • Account executives who would like to meet with the who team involved in serving his particular client

Effective account planning

Because this workshop is 100% focused on the client’s needs, the sales team is in the unique position to deliver a solution which resonates perfectly with corporate needs.

Sellers who are new to the client are able to learn more in one day than would normally take months of usual sales activities.

Clients have the opportunity to meet subject matter experts and sellers who are responsible for particular products which may later form a part of a credible solution.


discuss in more detail

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