Why ELP Ltd?

‘We help you achieve a Successful Outcome from your investment in training’ 

The synergies of experience and competence offered by our international team of associates provide the highest quality of organisational development and training in today’s marketplace;

We specialise in giving all employees the confidence to try new ways of helping clients achieve their goals;

Training has reinforced our facilitation skills with world-renowned professionals in NLP, Transactional Analysis and Brain-Friendly Learning;

We believe that serious learning and the confidence to change can be done best when having fun in an “experiential” rather than an academic environment. It is also vital to have a facilitator who is passionate about the content, trusted by the learner, who “walks the talk”

For 14 years, ELP ‘resultants’ have successfully helped managers and employees to develop their mindsets and skills in some of the world’s most renowned organisations;

We carry out facilitation and business consulting in English, German and Spanish, Finnish, Danish French, Arabic & Farsi.

In a nutshell: we are ‘the team’ able to efficiently partner with you to develop your employees and your organisation, in a way which achieves your corporate objectives!

Our Experience

Our facilitators have all had successful careers outside of training and development. Our own experience of having worked in sales and leadership roles in many countries around the world helps us to empathise and truly understand the challenges our clients face.

Our approach

Our training is Experiential. We make training 'real' by engaging participants in physical and mental activities, business case studies, discussions, individual and group work. Our training also takes into consideration both the learners’ social and learning styles.

Bespoke Development

All of our solutions are designed and delivered to your exact requirements. Based on your wishes and assessment results, we design interventions around the outcomes, behaviours and the skills that you would like your colleagues to develop.

Embedding Learning

Learning is embedded during our training through planned 'experience.' We follow up development sessions with your HR professionals a by adding videos, PowerPoint slides and quizzes to your Eloomi learning management platform (LMS). This system maintains learning effectiveness and knowledge retention.

On-going Support

Attending a workshop is just the beginning. It is the actual execution of the techniques in real situations that bring about increased performance. After a workshop, we remain in touch with managers and participants for as long as they need us. We support post-course coaching via the Eloomi performance management system.

Cultural Fit

ELP’s Resultants have worked in most countries around the world. We endeavour to 'know your culture' and your ways of working. Diversity is more than national culture: it’s also departmental. We also consider a deeper culture of customer centricity within your organisation.

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